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Do you have a hardware procurement requirement?

We have partnerships with the leading hardware vendors, you can rest assured all our Account Managers are fully trained and have technical resources close at hand to advise on all your IT hardware requirements.

We strive to lead in innovation of the industry’s most advanced information technologies, including servers, storage systems, PC’s, notebooks, tablets, printers and collaboration products. Ripple offer innovative solutions to a diverse client base to help solve some of the toughest business challenges.

We are ideally placed to assist businesses throughout the UK with all IT procurement requirements.


Ripple have many years of experience in developing innovative server solutions. Working with leading manufacturers and engaging with industry experts we offer a leading, accredited source for server solutions.

Our products include:

Server products – We supply, servers, hard disk drives, NIC’s, PSU’s, memory, processors, optical drives and warranty support to help meet your server and upgrade needs.

Advanced server solutions – As Server Solution Specialists we help our Clients manage their infrastructure requirements reducing costs and their carbon footprint.

Data Storage

Ripple can fulfil your data storage requirements. We offer a supported and accredited source for hard disk drive (HDD) requirements.

Our products include:

Storage products – We supply, various types of devices, enclosures and the relevant HDD’s, SAN (storage area network), NAS (network attached storage), DAS (direct attached storage) to help meet your storage needs.

Advanced storage solutions – As Data Storage Specialists we help our Clients manage their personal data and datacentre libraries.


By combining processes with flexible and transparent commercials, Ripple will enable you to overcome today’s networking challenges and unlock improvement opportunities for tomorrow. With Ripple, there’s no such thing as ‘notwork’, only reliable, scalable and affordable networks.

Our products include:

Networking products – We supply, switches, switch options (GBIC’s, Cables, PSU’s), routers, wireless access points and firewalls to help meet your networking requirements.

Networking solutions – We help our Clients manage their networks to maximise staff productivity through increased network availability and performance.

Desktops & Mobile Devices

From personal requirement to company wide rollouts across multiple sites and device types, Ripple can deliver the right solution to best meet the needs of users, reduce costs and show return on investment (ROI) within your organisation. Ripple engages clients and manufacturers to deliver projects to ensure successful results are achieved.

Our products include:

Desktop options – We supply, PC’s, notebooks, ultrabooks, netbooks, tablets, docking stations, printers, computer peripherals and security products so our Clients have one supplier for all their desktop needs. This reduces time placing orders, less orders being placed and results in lower costs.

Desktop solutions – We help our Clients manage their desktop environment, take control of assets, standardise hardware, improve productivity and manageability resulting in ROI.

With all the above solutions our first step is to understand your business in order to help correctly identify your needs. Because we’re an end to end provider, we remain involved throughout the process.

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