Microsoft Teams Integration

Streamline your communication and collaboration with Microsoft Teams. We’ll help you unlock the full potential of Teams by configuring channels, setting up meetings, and integrating it with other Microsoft services. Experience seamless teamwork, file sharing, and video conferencing like never before.

Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms

Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms are physical meeting spaces equipped with technology that enables users to host Teams meetings, video conferences, and presentations. Teams Meeting Rooms are designed to improve collaboration and productivity in the workplace by providing a seamless and consistent meeting experience across all devices and locations.

There are several types of Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms available, including:

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms: These are dedicated meeting rooms equipped with video conferencing and audio equipment, such as cameras, microphones, and speakers. Team Rooms are designed to provide a high-quality meeting experience for remote participants, with features like background blur, noise suppression, and automatic camera framing.
  • Surface Hub: The Microsoft Surface Hub is a large touchscreen display designed for collaboration and teamwork. Surface Hub can be used as a digital whiteboard, video conferencing system, and presentation tool. It is also fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, allowing users to host Teams meetings and collaborate on documents in real time.
  • Skype Room Systems: Skype Room Systems are designed for small to medium-sized meeting rooms and are equipped with video conferencing and audio equipment. They offer a streamlined meeting experience, with one-touch join, content sharing, and remote control capabilities.
  • Microsoft Teams Panels: Microsoft Teams Panels are designed for use outside of meeting rooms and display meeting schedules, availability, and occupancy status. They also allow users to book meetings and view room details, such as equipment and amenities.

Overall, Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms are designed to provide a seamless and consistent meeting experience for users, whether they are working remotely or in the office. They help improve collaboration, productivity, and communication in the workplace by providing users with the tools they need to host successful meetings and presentations.

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