We recently took over the IT Support for school, within days of completing the handover from the previous IT Support company we discovered a number of issues.

One issue was the condition of the wall mounted data cabinet, the cabling was a mess and the all the switches, routers and POE injectors were plugged into multiple ‘daisy chained’ power strips.

Ripple Solutions have removed all the old 10/100 switches, POE injectors, and 4 gang extension leads. Replacing with 2 x 48 port Gigabit Switches and 1 x 24 port Gigabit POE switch. Power is delivered from a surge control socket.

A future improvement will be to have a connection from the UPS to power the cabinet.

Untidy Cabinet


Tidy Cabinet


The school are very impressed with their tidy cabinet which is on full view in the IT suite.