Understand your business exposure on the Dark Web

Cyber criminals organize themselves on the Dark Web, planning and exchanging tools and information that enable and propel attacks against businesses of all sizes. But you can get the upper hand and understand if there are activities being plotted against your business by getting informed about the leading indicators of an impending attack: leaked credentials.

By leveraging dark web reporting from Ripple Technology Solutions your business will know which accounts and credentials are at risk of being used in an actual attack on your business email, website, internal network, desktops and laptop devices.  Don’t become the next victim to cyber attackers.  Know what your dark web risks are today!

  • 24×7 continuous monitoring of the dark web for activity containing your business accounts.
  • Immediate identification of all business accounts stolen and/or for sale on the dark web.
  • Recommendations on security architecture to prevent attacks based on stolen credentials.


Get in touch today to see how Ripple Technology Solutions can proactively monitor your domains for credential theft and password leaks.

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